Steel sheet pile machine manufacturers: how to use the steel sheet pile machine safely?

Steel sheet pile machine manufacturers: how to use the steel sheet pile machine safely?

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(Summary description)Steel sheet pile machine manufacturers: safe use regulations for steel sheet pile machines

Steel sheet pile machine manufacturers: how to use the steel sheet pile machine safely?

(Summary description)Steel sheet pile machine manufacturers: safe use regulations for steel sheet pile machines

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Steel sheet pile machine manufacturers: safe use regulations for steel sheet pile machines

1. Operators need to undergo professional training to master the structure, working principle, operation and maintenance methods of the pile crane to be operated, and they can only operate with an operating certificate.
2. The power devices, hoists, hydraulic devices, and electrical devices of the pile crane shall be implemented in accordance with this regulation.
3. The electrical failure of the steel sheet pile machine should be handled by an electrician.
4. The operating procedures should be strictly followed for the commissioning, installation, disassembly, hauling and other operations of the pile driver.
5. In severe weather such as thunderstorms, heavy rains, heavy snow, heavy fog, and winds above level 6, the operation should be stopped, and the wind speed should reach level 7 or above. In the event of a strong typhoon warning, the pile machine should be stopped working against the wind, the pile pipe should be sunk below 3 meters into the soil, or the vibrating hammer should be placed on the ground. And added a windproof cable. If necessary, the stand should be lowered. The pile foundation must have lightning protection measures. When there is a lightning strike, people should stay away from the pile driver.



6. Before each shift, it will be transported by air, and the operation can be started after confirming that the parts are in normal condition.
7. If a pile clamp is used, the pile should be clamped first, and then the work should be carried out. The pile clamp must not be loosened during operation. When the work is over. The vibration of the vibrating hammer must be stopped, and then the pile clamp must be loosened.
8. The walking, turning, and positioning of the pile machine must be directed by a dedicated person.
9. The rotation and braking of the steel sheet pile machine should be slow, and the continuous operation time in the same direction should be less than one week.
10. During the hoisting process, there must be no vibrating hammers, lifting materials, lifting piles, walking and turning, etc., and no more than two actions should be performed at the same time.
11. The elevator is strictly prohibited from overloading.
12. Operators are not allowed to leave their jobs without authorization.

13. If the following situations occur, the maintenance should be stopped immediately:
13.1 There are parts falling off on the pillars and diagonal braces;
13.2 The fastening bolts of the vibrating hammer motor are loose, the guiding device is loose, there is impact noise in the exciter, and the bearing temperature is too high. The bolts connecting the vibrating hammer to the pile or other devices are loose.
13.3. The electrical device and the hydraulic device are malfunctioning.

14. Steel sheet pile machine manufacturers: If the amplitude of the vibrating beam of the vibrating hammer is too large, the work should be stopped to find out the cause.
15. During the process of pile sinking, the verticality of the pile body should be corrected in time. After the pile foundation is 3m into the soil, it is forbidden to move or rotate the pile to correct the verticality of the pile.
16. For pile frame columns that cannot be tilted left and right, when the columns should be tilted back and forth, the left and right diagonal supports should be driven at the same time.
17. After the daily operation is stopped, the pile pipe should be sunk into the soil or the vibrating hammer should be placed on the ground to cut off the power supply of the pile machine. At the source end, make the full brake work. When the machine is stopped for a long time, the pile driver should be parked on a firm and level ground, the vibrating hammer must be in place, the floor should be cushioned, and rain-proof measures should be taken.

18. During the lifting and landing operations of the pile frame, first check whether the hoist drum is reliable, and then carry out the landing gear according to the prescribed procedures.
19. When walking type and track-type pile drivers are not working, they should stop in the middle or position of the track, and the rail clamp must be clamped.
20. Steel sheet pile machine manufacturers: When removing the oil pipes, ensure that the oil pipe joints are not contaminated.

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What are the characteristics of the piling boom?

Pile-driving arm manufacturers: characteristics of pile-driving arm 1. The pile-driving arm is fully hydraulically driven and can be rotated 180 degrees left and right, and the operation is simple; 2. It is convenient to transport and can be integrated with the excavator; 3. The piling arm can be applied to various work sites, and can also be used in riverside, water surface, and underwater operations on rainy days; 4. Steel piles, cement piles, steel rail columns, iron plates, H plates, and drainage belts that can be driven and moved; 5. Pile-driving arm manufacturers: using German original hydraulic motor drive (rotating motor and vibration motor), small size, light weight, but can output high power and high speed, high reliability, sturdy and durable; 6. The advanced oil circuit design enables the jamming and vibration to be carried out simultaneously, which improves the efficiency of driving and piling, and better protects the main oil system of the excavator. The newly designed safety device makes the chuck the safety device when the vibration operation occurs. Automatic tightening, no loosening of the pile board, high stability and efficiency; 7. The pile-driving arm adopts cylindrical stick bearings imported from Japan, which has low noise, high speed and high reliability, and the quality of the whole machine is better; 8. When driving and pulling piles, the speed and vibration frequency can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different working environments; 9. Optimize the design of the device to protect the two ends of the pile against damage, and work in close proximity to the building will not damage the building itself; 10. The pile-driving arm adopts well-known brand shock absorbers to reduce vibration and noise, which is more in line with environmental protection requirements and improves the long-term reliability of the machine. Pile-driving arm manufacturers: For underwater operations, an additional exhaust pipe is required.

Steel sheet pile machine manufacturers: What are the misunderstandings of pile driver maintenance?

Steel sheet pile machine manufacturers: introduction to the maintenance misunderstandings of pile drivers Misunderstanding 1: Improper starting method of pile driver The serious consequences that a 360° rotating pile driver can cause: serious damage to the machine. In winter, some drivers often start the diesel engine without water (start first, then add cooling water) to start the diesel engine abnormally. This practice can cause serious damage to the machine, and its use should be prohibited. The correct preheating method is: first cover the heat preservation quilt on the water tank, open the drain valve, and continuously pour 60-70℃ clean and soft water into the water tank, and then close the drain valve when you touch the water flowing out of the drain valve with your hands and feel hot. Fill the water tank with clean and soft water at 90-100°C, and shake the crankshaft so that all moving parts are properly pre-lubricated before starting.   Misunderstanding 2: Low temperature load operation of pile driver The serious consequences that can be triggered: cause serious wear and tear of the machine. Steel sheet pile machine manufacturers: After the diesel engine started to catch fire, some drivers couldn't wait to put into load work immediately. Diesel engines that catch fire soon, due to the low body temperature and high oil viscosity, the oil is not easy to fill the friction surface of the moving pair, which will cause serious machine wear. In addition, plunger springs, valve springs and injector springs are also prone to breakage due to "cold brittleness". Therefore, after the diesel engine starts to catch fire in winter, it should be idling for a few minutes at low and medium speed, and then put into load operation when the cooling water temperature reaches 60°C. Misunderstanding 3: Do not pay attention to the heat preservation of the pile driver Serious consequences that can be triggered: reduced working life and damage to the engine. Steel sheet pile machine manufacturers: The low temperature in winter can easily cause excessive cooling of the equipment during operation. Therefore, heat preservation is the key to good use of the machine in winter. In the northern regions, all machines used in winter should be equipped with cold-proof equipment such as insulation sleeves and insulation curtains. In addition, the thermostat plays an important role in increasing the temperature of the pile driver. Therefore, check whether the thermostat is working properly before entering the winter, and replace the failed thermostat in time.

Steel sheet pile machine manufacturers: introduction to the piling steps and electricity issues of the pile driver

Steel sheet pile driver manufacturers: The common pile drivers on the market are mainly based on mechanical power, which are usually divided into hammering method, oscillation method and static pile pressing method; after the pile driver enters the construction site, it will be based on the site's topographical conditions and the condition of the foundation soil. Factors such as the placement of the piles, the length of the piles and the ease of movement of the pile frame determine the sequence of pile driving, so that the depth of the piles is basically the same, and the foundation soil is evenly compacted. If there are not many piles, the pile driver should start from the center and move in opposite directions from the two ends. However, when the pile foundation area is large, the pile foundation should be divided into several sections and then carried out separately within the range of each section; hydraulic pile drivers should prevent From the outside to the inside, or from the periphery to the center, prevent the foundation soil in the middle of the pile foundation from being compacted, and increase the difficulty of driving. Even if the driving is forced, the driven neighboring piles will rise up; in the clay area, It is also necessary to prevent it from being carried out in one direction, causing the soil to knead to one side, forming piles into the soil with different depths, uneven soil density, and uneven settlement of the entire pile foundation in the future; if the pile distance is greater than or equal to 4 times In the case of pile diameter or side length, the impact of the piling sequence is smaller, but if it is an area group pile, the piling sequence must be planned in advance to prevent adverse consequences or safety accidents.   钢板桩机厂家:打桩机用电事项        我们在用电的时候要安置专门的开关和开关箱里面要有漏电和短路维护的电器设备。小型打桩机和开关柜设置的维护。我们如果在晚上工作的时候要保证一定的安全和充足的照明,我们的照明工具一定要符合国家标准的规则。不允许用绝缘体,我们如果遇到短路和突然停电时我们的工作人员要及时的撤离工作地点,要及时的自备电源和应急的照明设备保证安全。        钢板桩机厂家:我们在工程施工现场用电敷设应选用电缆,暂时用电线路的专项安全用电的需求,对经常需求移动的电缆线路,应设在不易被车辆轧、人踩及管材、工件碰撞的地方,且不得置于泥土和水中。电工每周至少有必要停电查看一次电缆外层磨损状况,发现问题有必要及时处理。

Steel sheet pile machine manufacturers: Which operations of the pile driver are incorrect?

Steel sheet pile machine manufacturers: Abrasion and failure during the construction of pile drivers are normal. If the operator performs incorrect operations on the equipment, it will also affect its use, accelerate the wear of parts, and shorten the service life.

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